Does Radio Matter?

In a world increasingly dominated by cyber-entertainment and smaller and faster communications devices, some may wonder whether radio is still relevant.

The answer is a very definite YES. According to the latest research from Statistics Canada, the average Canadian listens to the radio for about 19 hours a week. The federal agency reports that weekly listening ranges from 7.6 hours a week for teenagers to over 20 hours for seniors.

Whether people listen in their cars, over the internet, in the office or at home, radio remains a vital part of Canada’s media landscape, and arguably the most openly interactive of all media.

Talk Radio

You can find “all-talk and news” stations and call-in shows in virtually every major market in the country.

Talk stations have an unquenchable thirst for timely topics and engaging guests who will inform and entertain their listeners. Radio News Service keeps in close contact with talk-show producers, and we’re pleased to help arrange interviews.